The PSF2016 is part of a non-profit visual arts research project and is primarily self-financed, occasionally supported by grants and contributions, and all participation rates aims at covering the cost of production of all academic and artistic activities for the festival.
The PSF2016 seeks to create a network of partners and sponsors in a participatory process that allows for achieving our goals, being open to proposals that strengthen and support our mission. 

Our funds will be mainly used for:

  1. A printed Essay Book including all the production costs and translations.
  2. A printed catalogue including all the production costs and translations.
  3. The exhibition design, including materials, structural design and transportation.
  4. Technological and programming skills for the virtual gallery.
  5. The event cost (conferences, exhibition..).
  6. Campaigns.

 Your support will be much appreciated and will help us to develop our programs and activities allowing us to continue to expand this project.
If wish to support us with funding or sponsorship, please contact us to