Can the submissions be collaborations between several researchers/artists?


When can I expect to receive a notification of acceptance of my paper/art project?
Please check our Important dates section.


Who owns the copyrights of the papers/art projects submitted?
Authors and Artists will always retain the copyrights of any work submitted. But if selected Authors and Artists  will be asked to sign a copyright [see Documentation] form giving full permission for the Coordinating Committee to use any information of your work for publishing, exhibiting or campaign purposes only.


Does the organisation bear the costs of traveling and accommodation expenses for the selected authors?
No. If authors are selected to participate in PSF2016, we will provide with a formal invitation (if requested), for funding travel and lodging purposes.


Can I send you my submission by mail or email?
No, you must submit your work using the EasyChair platform. All submissions received either by mail or email will not be considered.


Can I contact you if I have questions regarding my submission?
Please read carefully all the documentation provided. If you have further questions after reading all the supporting documentation please check our contacts section for our email address.


Where can I buy the PSF2014 Essay Book?
The PSF2014 Essay Book is available on Amazon.




Is there a fee for submitting a paper?


May I submit multiple papers?
Authors can only submit one (1) paper to PSF2016.


Is there a fee for publishing my paper? How much is it?
Yes. The fee cover the cost of coffee-breaks, certificate of participation, lunches, as well as the publication of the article in PSF2016 essay book. For more information go to Registration.


Is it possible to have a reduced fee by presenting the paper at the conference without publishing the paper (or publish the paper without attending the conference)?
No. The fee comprises two stages (communication and publication of the article), it is not possible to choose only one phase.


How long should my presentation take?
Each presentation should be 15 minutes long.


Which language should I use in my communication?
The communication should be in English, as well as the Q&A after each panel.


Can I use a different template from the one you provide in the Documentation section?
No. You must submit your article according to the template. If not, the editors will promptly exclude your paper and it will not be reviewed by the Programme Committee.





I can´t save the application form with my artwork data.
Try to update  Acrobat Reader to the latest version.


Is there a fee for submitting an art project?
Yes. Given the volume of submissions of artistic projects to the PSF2014 edition, the Organization will ask for a symbolic value with each pre-submission, to cover for administrative costs of assessing applications.


Will I be reimbursed if I’m not selected?


If my art project is selected, do I need to pay an extra fee?


If my project is selected do I get a refund of the pre-submission fee?

How many images can I submit in the pre-submission?
You may submit a maximum of 4 images.


What is the ideal file size?

The set of files submitted may not exceed 50 MB (images, captions, videos, etc.). If your project is selected we will ask you to provide us high resolution files of your artwork, to be included in our catalogue and eventually in any other activity such as promotion, virtual gallery, website, social network, etc.


What type of files can I submit?
Visual arts, installations (interactive, digital, site-specific, etc.), video, screen performance, photography, audio, multiple projections, immersive environments, video-mapping, video-performance, cyberart.


Which art formats are accepted?

  • Video (.mov / mp4);
  • Audio (mp3);
  • Image ( .jpg / .png);
  • Web Platforms (link / . swf);
  • 3D Objects (.obj / .fbx);
  • Documents (.pdf / .doc / .docx).


Can I submit video records or photo records that document a previous artwork?
You can submit any kind of records (video, photo, etc.) for selection purposes.
But documentary records of artworks will not be accepted for exhibition purposes; this means that the artwork itself must be available to be displayed in the gallery.


Can I submit a hard copy of my work? Can I mail a CD/DVD of my work to your address?
No. We will not consider any pre-submission other than our EasyChair page. Also we will not be responsible for any materials sent to our address.


What is the limit of production year of an artwork to be submitted?
Submissions will only be considered if produced/created at the most in the last two years, that means that we will only accept works produced from 2014 onward.