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Millennium Gallery
Rua Augusta, 96


Please read carefully the information provided below and follow all instructions for submission of art projects for the group exhibition to be presented at Post Screen Festival 2016.

The information contained in this document does not relieve a careful reading of the PSF2016_Rules and Regulations



Submission of art projects must comply with the overall subject of the festival, and to the PSF second edition, which is Intermittence+Interference.

This group exhibition will include artworks that stand out within artistic expressions that use technology, cyberspace and screens, produced at the most in the last two years. Submissions are accepted in various genres, such as: visual arts, installations (interactive, digital, site-specific, etc.), video, screen performance, photography, audio, multiple projections, immersive environments, video-mapping, video-performance, cyberart. Documentary records of art projects will not be accepted for exhibition purposes, only for the selection process. The artwork itself must be available for display at the gallery.

Artists can submit a maximum of two (2) art projects to PSF2016.

1.1 Pre-submission via EasyChair Conference System

1.1.1 Application Form

Artists should fill out the form Artists Application Form available in the PSF2016 website and should save the document (“Save as”) naming it as follows: NameSurname_ Application.pdf

Please use Acrobat Reader or Pro in order to keep the document’s configuration. If you are having trouble in saving the file please update Acrobat Reader to the latest version.

1.1.2 Art Project

Artists should create a folder (later compressed into ZIP format) containing the data of the Art Project and name it as follows:
Artists should not include in this folder the Application Form referred in the previous item.

The Art Project folder should contain:
a) The most suitable work file(s) within the following formats:

  • Video (.mov / mp4);
  • Audio (mp3);
  • Image ( .jpg / .png);
  • Web Platforms (link / . swf);
  • 3D Objects (.obj / .fbx);
  • Documents (.pdf / .doc / .docx).

b) Technical Ride to better understand the project and its assemblage [blueprints, diagrams, pictures, drawing, lighting maps, special equipment, and other relevant information].
c) Proof of payment for pre-submission.

Note that there is a maximum limit of 50 MB for each submission (document + attachment).

If the artwork is a video, in the end of the video the artwork title and the author(s) name(s) can appear. Please do not include website addresses, summaries, captions or other information regarding the artwork, throughout the video, under the penalty of not being accepted.

1.1.3 EasyChair Conference System

Art projects should be submitted through the EasyChair Conference System. Submissions sent by e-mail, or any other way, will not be accepted.
Enter the link and follow these steps:

  • If you do not have an account in EasyChair, you must Sign Up and follow the procedures required by the system. If you already have used EasyChair system you may Log In with the existing account;
  • Once you have created your account you must Log In with your username and password;
  • Click on New submission;
  • Select PSF 2016 Exhibition;
  • Complete Author field;
  • Fill Title and “Abstract” field [copy and paste the summary up to a maximum of 350 words];
  • Fill 4 to 5 Key Words;
  • Upload your Application Form (.pdf);
  • Upload your Art Project folder (.zip);
  • Click on Submit.

Note that for the pre-selection, there is a limit of 50 MB per submission. Artists can update submissions at any time until the deadline.

1.2 Final Submission via We Transfer

All selected artists will be asked to send us, via we transfer, a zipped folder named as artist’s last name_artworktitle. This folder must contain the following items for the final submission:

  1. Image – a high quality .jpg representative of the Art Project, to be included in the catalogue (300 DPI/CMYK). Image file must be named as follows: artist’s last name_artworktitle.jpg;
  2. Caption — a .txt file named as follows: artist’s last name_caption.txt.
    Example: Smith_caption.txt;
    The caption must comply with the following format: Artist(s) name(s), title, type of artwork, duration (if applicable), and year
    Example: John Smith, Beyond the Screen, Video Installation, 6 min, loop, 2015
  3. Summary — updated brief summary of the artwork (300 words) in a .txt file format, named as follows: artist’s last name_summary.txt
    Example: Smith_summary.txt;
  4. Biography (updated) — a .txt file (up to 150 words), named as follows: artist’s last name_bio.txt.
    Example: Smith_bio.txt;
  5. Picture of him/herself in .jpg format. The picture file should be named as follows: artist’s last name_picture.jpg
    Example: 31_Smith_picture.jpg;
  6. Filled and signed Form: PSF2016_Copyright&Consent_Exhibit_Artists

Artists must send this Zipped folder via we transfer to:



Artists should fill and sign the form PSF2016_Copyright&Consent_Exhibit_Artists, available on the website, allowing the organisation of the PSF2016 the right to exhibit the artwork and to publish its image in the Exhibition Catalogue as well as in various media.

If this statement is not received in due time for the curatorial and editorial process, your artwork may not be presented at the group exhibition nor published in the catalogue by the absence of legal commitment.



In the pre-submission stage, artists are required to pay a symbolic fee in the amount described below to cover the administrative costs of organisation and distribution of artistic projects. The fee is non-refundable regardless the outcome of the selection results.
Each selected artwork entitles the author the right to receive one (1) copy of the exhibition catalogue. [1 artwork = 1 copy of the exhibition catalogue].
The cost of sending catalogs by mail shall be charged to artists, according to the mail rates for each country.
For methods of payment see Rules and Regulation or Registration section.



— The gallery space will be equipped with:

  • Audio-visual materials;
  • Plasterboard movable walls;
  • Electrical and lighting equipment;
  • Installation and technical assistance for setting up artworks.

— The organisation will support:

  • Accommodation for one (1) person for 3 nights, in a hotel indicated by the organisation (if there is no need for accommodation, this expenditure will not be converted into money nor reimbursed to the artist);
  • A 150 € grant to help cover the costs of production, assembly, shipping, etc.

The organisation can send a formal acceptance letter for financial support purposes.
The organisation does not guarantee to provide for special materials created or adapted by the artist. Artists must provide for the transport or construction of specific material.
The organisation will not be responsible for incidental damages of the artworks. Alternatively, artists must provide proper insurance of the artworks.



Art projects pre-submission deadline | January 31st, 2016  >March 202016. CLOSED
Notification of art project’s acceptance or rejection deadline | June 15th, 2016
Art projects final submission for exhibition deadline | June 30th, 2015
Exhibition opening: November 11, 2016.
Venue: Millennium Gallery, Lisbon.



6.1 Pre-submission via Easy Chair Conference System

  1. Filled Artists Application Form in PDF format;
  2. Art Project folder compressed in ZIP format with the following:
  • Artwork files
  • Technical Ride
  • Proof of payment

6.2 Final Submission via We Transfer

Zip folder named as: artist’s last name_artworktitle. This folder must contain the following items for the final submission:

  • High quality Image (.jpg, 300 DPI/CMYK), named as follows: artist’s last name_image.jpg
  • Caption (.txt file) named as follows: artist’s last name_caption.txt.
  • Summary (.txt file) named as follows:  artist’s last name_summary.txt.
  • Biography (.txt file) up to 150 words, named as follows: artist’s last name_bio.txt.
  • Picture of him/herself (.jpg file), named as follows: artist’s last name_picture.jpg
  • Filled and signed Form:PSF2016 Copyright & Consent to Exhibit



Failure to follow the terms of participation, submission dates and themes of the Festival is a factor of exclusion from evaluation.
The Coordinating Committee will decide any omitted cases